About us

Gommalacca tells about my passion for design and for beautiful things.

About us

It’s a container of emotions and inspirations collected over the years around Italy and the world, it’s a mix between past and present, a place that wants to reinterpret the classic decoration of the table and the house with handmade objects by selected artisans who still use ancient techniques.
A small concept store for those who are looking for gift ideas, curious and sometimes irreverent items, decorated plates, candles, furnishing decorations and fashion accessories characterized by originality and attention to details.
A place with a retro flavor, in the heart of Civitanova Marche, in the ancient fishing village, in Via Conchiglia n.5.

Gommalacca Store

I have craftsmanship in my veins, I come from a family of artisans and from an area full of workshops and small and medium-sized artisan businesses.
My parents owned an handbag artisanal factory and as a child my favorite game was to try my hand at creating small leather bags and bracelets for my friends.
I have worked for many years then in the development departments of accessories factories, from knitwear, to leather goods and hats, and I have kept the passion for beautiful things, handmade with care and originality.
From this belonging to the world of accessories, combined with the passion for beautiful objects and interior design, the idea of ​​Gommalacca was born.
Gommalacca is a natural resin, it is secreted by an insect called Kerrialacca, and used by itself to anchor itself to the bark of trees.
It is in fact collected from the trees and then purified. It is found in flakes and is heat-soluble, it is a natural plastic.
In the past it was used to give new life to antique furniture to preserve it over the  time.

The Name

I wanted to give this name to the shop, precisely because inside there are furniture that has a history, which come from old artisanal factories or shops, such as a chest of drawers from an ancient haberdashery in Livorno, or a large table work from a workshop, an old trunk from the early twentieth century restored to its original splendor.
The philosophy of Gommalacca is to seek beautiful things, and things still made by hand with love. The intent is to discover the small realities, the artisans who still create magnificent objects in their imperfection and great attention to details. It is nice to tell the story behind each object, as it is nice to see the emotion it arouses in the eyes of those who choose it.